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The Government of Uttar Pradesh (GoUP) envisions to develop Ayodhya as a Global Religious and Tourism epicentre. The Ayodhya Development Authority is the nodal agency responsible for planning and undertaking development works in the Ayodhya Development Authority Area (ADAA) of ~875 Sq. km. The area is slated to develop as a tourist destination with significant increase expected in the demand for hospitality and allied industries. Various events are planned around the year for the visiting tourists/pilgrims and the Authority envisages to ensure a seamless user experience. In continuation with this vision to develop Ayodhya as a World Class Global Tourism Hub, Ayodhya Development Authority invites creative and innovative minds domains of Art, Architecture, Design and Engineering to participate in ‘Ayodhya Signage Design Competition’.


Ayodhya, birthplace of Lord Rama is situated on the banks of River Saryu and is approximately 150 km from Lucknow, the state capital of Uttar Pradesh. The city is envisaged to become a Global Religious and Tourist Epicentre in the coming years. Apart from its Hindu Temples the city also has influence of Buddhism, Jainism and Muslim Religions. The Ayodhya Development Authority plans to enhance the experience of the Tourists by creating Unified Public Signages which would depict the Culture, Harmony and Architecture of Ayodhya through its innovative Design. The Public Signages should be Unified in overall theme yet reflect the notion of the place where they have been placed. They should respond to the religious and spiritual character of the place, the prevailing land use i.e., Public, Institutional, Recreational etc.

What are Unified Public Signages system?

A Unified signage system is a network of signage that orients and directs Citizens/Tourists of all modes to and from destinations. It includes informational, directional, and identification signs and maps that are simple, intuitive, and work together to help people of all ages and abilities find their way. Unified signage system helps to enhance the character of a City / Neighbourhood / Locality, foster a sense of place that connects users to the community, and promote a city’s identity by creating a clear and consistent message and style to visitors and residents.

Project Scope

The signage designed should be kept in mind that they are innovative, easy to install, strong and easy to update as information changes use of Digital Innovation shall be a plus point. The Design of the Signages should be unique with respect to the character of the city and area specific following a theme like Residential, Commercial, Public Spaces, Recreational Spaces, Institutional etc. The design for the signages can also provide a unified branding potential that can be used for marketing advertisements and City events and News

The signage program includes, but not limited to:
1.  General directional information and wayfinding
2.  Digital and dynamic signage – for information dissemination, public awareness
3.  Gateway signages
4.  Bicycle and Pedestrian Wayfinding Signs
5.  Signages for Colony / Mohalla / Ward No. Names
6.  Signages for Temple Area Precinct, Historical Buildings and Historical Information Signs
7.  Signs for major landmarks
8.  Public buildings (including Parks, Recreation and Community Services’ parks and facilities) etc.

The Proposed Signages should be scalable according to the requirement of the site and accommodate information in both Hindi and English Language.

Project Goals
1.  To create a unified signage and wayfinding system across a range of mediums based on locations which are cost effective, innovative and durable.
2.  To support, promote and create a distinct identity for the Ayodhya City.
3.  To enhance Tourists / pedestrians’ ability to easily navigate and find desired destinations
4.  To provide signage that can provide expanded information to the user through Technology / innovation
1.  The challenge is open to creative and innovative students / young professionals from the field of architecture, design, planning, engineering, urban design, landscape design, or any other field.
2.  Participants can also form a team of maximum of 03 members. The competition is open to Indian nationals only.
The Submission must be submitted in maximum 2 A3 size Sheets which should include the following information
1. Concept of the Theme for the Signage Design
2.  Technical Drawings / sketches showing Plan / Front elevation, Section and 3d view of the proposed signage design.
3. Material / Colouring scheme.
S.No. Rank Prize Money (INR)
1 First Prize INR 50000 + Certificate
2 Second Prize INR 25000 + Certificate
3 Third Prize INR 10000 + Certificate
4 5 Special Mentions INR 5000 each + Certificate
Important Dates
S.No. Event Date
1 Issue 12th August 2021
2 Brainstorming and Question – Answer Session 19th August 2021 – 4.00 PM to 5.00 PM Google Meet Link
3 Registration closing date 25th August 2021 – 6.00 PM
4 Submission closing date 25th August 2021 – 6.00 PM
5 Winners announcement 28th August 2021
Judging Criteria
Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
1. Understanding of the work required and the quality & responsiveness of the submission
2.  Design aesthetic and creativity for each type of design submissions
3. Quality and clarity of the design drawings
How to Apply
 There is no entry fee for participating in the competition.
 Submissions can be mailed on xxxxxxx@gmail.com. Subject line of submission email should be “Ayodhya Signage Design Competiton -
Points to be noted: -
.  Each participant / team can submit ONLY one entry.
.  Design should be submitted in PDF format only of less than 10 MB size.
.  The sheets should be legible and readable.
.  The design should not be imprinted or watermarked.
.  In case of any copyright issues, the participant/applicant will be responsible to settle any legal proceedings arising out of it at his/her end. Ayodhya Development Authority will not be responsible.
.  Plagiarism of any nature is not allowed. Anyone found infringing on others’ copyright would be disqualified from the contest.
.  The responsibility to comply with the Submission of entries, Competition Technical Criteria and Selection Process fully lies with the participant(s) and Ayodhya Development Authority shall not be answerable to any dispute raised by a third party.
.  Ayodhya Development Authority takes no responsibility for corrupted or late entries.
.  The winner will be declared through email. Ayodhya Development Authority may announce the winner name on its social media pages and may also upload details on the official website of the Authority.
.  The winning design would be the intellectual property of the Ayodhya Development Authority and the winner shall not exercise any right over it.
.  Ayodhya Development Authority will have unfettered right to modify the prize-winning design / entry or add/delete any info/design feature in any form to it. The winner will not exercise any right over their design and shall not use it in any way.
.  The winning design is meant to be used by Ayodhya Development Authority for promotional and display purposes, information, education and communication materials and also for any other use as may be deemed appropriate.
.  There will be no notification to participants of rejected entries
.  Ayodhya Development Authority reserves the right to cancel or amend all or any part of this Contest and/ or Terms and Conditions/ Technical Parameters/ Evaluation Criteria. However, any changes to the Terms and Conditions/ Technical Parameters/Evaluation Criteria, or the cancellation of the Contest, will be updated/ posted on the platform through which initial communication of contest is made. It would be the responsibility of the participant to keep themselves informed of any changes in the Terms and Conditions/Technical Parameters/ Evaluation Criteria stated for this Contest.
Selection Process: -
.  All entries received by the stipulated date and found in order, shall be evaluated by a Selection Committee constituted for the purpose. The Committee will shortlist the entries and will decide the winner if an entry is found eligible.
.  Entries would be judged on the basis of elements of creativity, technical excellence, visual impact and how well they communicate the theme.
.  The decision of the Selection Committee would be final and binding on all the contestants and no clarifications would be issued to any participant or on any decision of the Selection Committee.
.  Winner shall be required to provide the original open-source file of the design, which shall be the property of Ayodhya Development Authority.
.  Ayodhya Development Authority if decides, reserves the right not to proceed with the competition at any stage.
.  Payment to the winner will be made through electronic mode for which the necessary bank details will be taken after the declaration of winner of the contest.

For Inquiries:

Shri RP Singh

Secretary and Finance Controller

Ayodhya Development Authority

Email : vcafda@gmail.com

Phone No.: 9451848810

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